Focus GroupsFocus Groups
Focus Groups are research tools that afford attorneys the opportunity to meet with mock jurors in a conference room atmosphere. Mock jurors, who reflect the community, are screened and recruited. Attorneys then present both sides of their case to the mock jurors in a story-like, opening statement style. Mock jurors are then allowed to ask questions of the attorneys, and are next read instructions on the law and given a verdict form. Mock jurors are then left to deliberate. Deliberations are monitored via closed-circuit television. After arriving at a verdict, CRJSI then moderates another question and answer session which is designed to scrutinize the thinking processes of the mock jurors and evaluate the persuasiveness of selected documents, evidence, and arguments from the case. Attorneys can also participate in these post-deliberation interviews. Finally, mock jurors complete post-deliberation questionaires. The entire session is video taped.

A series of focus groups is normally run to facilitate the fine tuning of a case.

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