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Have you been thinking of putting your business on the Internet? Have you been shopping around for the best prices? Do the prices that the Servers want to charge you rival the Gross National Product? Did your jaw hit the ground when you realized that they want that . . . PER MONTH?!?! Relax, we have the answer.

pageBUILDERS is a Full Service Presence Provider. We are NOT an Access Provider. An Access Provider is a company that you contract with so that you can make a local phone call to get connected to the Internet. A Presence Provider designs and programs your Website, and stores it on a computer that is available to users on the Internet around the clock. Many Access Providers also offer Web Presence services, usually at a premium. This is because most consumers do not realize that your Access Provider does not HAVE to be your Presence Provider, too.

pageBUILDERS is a Virtual Server. We provide Website storage and retrieval and are able to offer you a substantial savings over what local Access Providers charge. We take care of everything!. All you have to do is get an inexpensive, local, PERSONAL dial-up account (usually $15-$25 a month) that gives you unlimited access and e-mail. Leave the rest up to us!

pageBUILDERS can provide you with a unique Domain Name and IP Address so that your URL will be You will be given 10 megs for your site on our host computer which can be accessed by a high speed full T3 connection. And you can have e-mail aliasing. This means that you can have e-mail addresses on your site like forwarded directly to your local servers POP account where you can retrieve it at your leisure. We can even provide you with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), otherwise known as "Netscape Encryption", if you wish to provide secure credit card transactions on your site.

pageBUILDERS can offer you this package for only $75 per month, with a one-time $75 setup fee (InterNIC will bill you seperately for the Domain Name. Current charges are $100 for two years). You can have encryption for an additional $50 per month, with a one-time $500 setup fee. (Purchase of a Digital Certificate may be required. $295-1st year, $90/year thereafter) Compare this with what the local Access Providers are charging and you can see why this is such a smart idea.

If you are even more budget conscious, we can Host your page under our Domain so that your address would be This service is available for as little as $20 per month. Also there would be no Domain Registration fee. A truly economical way to have a presence on the Internet.

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