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Website Promotion is one of the most critical and one of the most overlooked and underused services available to a business with a Website on the Internet. Website Promotion is what makes or breaks a Website. Without it, your site is floating somewhere out in Cyberspace hoping to be seen by someone who just happens upon it. Is that the fate you want to befall the site you just spent thousands of dollars on?

pageBUILDERS is equipped with the know-how and the experience to promote a Website to the full extent that the World Wide Web will allow. Whether we designed your site, or you are just unhappy with the performance of your current site, we will get your name in all the right places. Not only that, but we will also teach you how to maintain an easy and effective promotion regimen.

pageBUILDERS realizes that there are only 4 ways for anyone to reach your Website:

1 Type in your URL
They have to know your Websites address and type it in exactly:

This is perfect for friends, relatives, and anyone who has seen your stationary or business card. So unless your friends and relatives can sustain your business, or you are in the middle of distributing the 60 million business cards you had printed last week, you are going to need something more.

2 Collateral Traffic

This is an effect enjoyed by those in organized, multi-company Websites like Virtual Malls. Basically, this means that someone comes to your page after having come to the mall to see a completely different page. It is also known as the "Well, as long as I'm here" theory.

3 Search Engines

Search Engines are tools for finding information. They are primarily based on the indexing of KEYWORDS. Basically, you type in the KEYWORDS that you are looking for and the search engine displays the pages which contain them. They are found all over the Internet. It would be difficult for anyone to keep up with all of them.

4 Hyperlinks from Other Pages

This is where most businesses fall short in their Website Promotion. The trick is to get as many sites as you can to put a hyperlink to YOUR page on THEIR page. In turn, reciprocity may dictate that you put a hyperlink on YOUR page to THEIR page. Some sites go so far as to have entire pages of links to other sites. This usually means that they are well-linked themselves.

The first two ingress options basically take care of themselves. Everyone has a URL, and if you are in a Virtual Mall you are already in a Virtual Mall. However, you need some way to effectively increase your traffic from Search Engines and elsewhere.

pageBUILDERS has two services that a geared toward Website Promotion:

Search Engine Registration
(One Time Only)
We register your site with 100 Search Engines Worldwide.

Hyperlink Surfing
(per 5 hour block)
We get THEM to link to YOU.

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